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SHIVSHAKTI COMPUTERS is now APPLE STORE IN JAIPUR and also APPLE SERVICE CENTER IN JAIPUR RAJASTHAN INDIA. We are working with all products . we are the fast growing company in Jaipur rajasthan (india). SHIVSHAKTI COMPUTERS IS APPLE DEALER IN JAIPUR. We have all king of range in apple product like Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook pro, MacBook air, iPod, IPHONE. We are also giving sales and service support in apple products in jaipur. We have very high rating of satisfied clients regarding MacBook iPod iphone Macmini provider in jaipur.




At the iPhone Repair & Unlock Center, we fix your iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S,5 broken or

cracked screen, digitizer, lens or LCD. Our service usually is done while you wait. We are

located in jaipur (Rajasthan) we are giving services all over rajasthan like ajmer, udaipur,

kota,bundi,barmer,jaisalmer,jodhpur,tonk,bikaner.your broken device (iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4,

4S,5) with all your information inside the box and you'll receive your phone back in 3 days

(aprox.). iPhone repair Jaipur. our iPhone Centre provide repair services for all models of

Apple iPhone and Apple iPod, including other all other makes and models of mp3 players and

mobile phones throughout jaipur and rajasthan. Our services are available for the public and to trade customers at reduced cost. We have a dedicated repair

centre located for your convenience on JLN marg in the heart of jaipur city. We have been repairing iPhones since initial release back in 2012, which make us

the first company in jaipur to carry out on-site repairs of the iPhone. We stock just about any part for your iPhone or iPod and guarantee to complete repairs in

the quickest time possible without any fuss. Often repairs can be done the very same day or even while-u-wait depending on the fault and our current workload




Over 140 Network options available!

We unlock the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S,5 and

even iPads.

AT&T iPhone IMEI Activation Service,Australia iPhone


IMEI Activation,Brazil iPhone IMEI Activation,Canada iPhone IMEI Activation,Chile iPhone IMEI Activation,Denmark iPhone IMEI Activation,France iPhone

IMEI Activation,Germany iPhone IMEI Activation,Great Britain iPhone IMEI Activation,iPhone Network Checker (Not an Activation Service),Ireland iPhone

IMEI Activation,Japan iPhone IMEI Activation, Korea iPhone IMEI Activation,Netherlands iPhone IMEI Activation,Norway iPhone IMEI Activation.

Apple 10W iPad Power Adapter USB ,iPad Midboard,iPad LCD Display Screen,iPad Glass and Digitizer Panel Assembly,iPad Battery

Replacement.Model and Parts Model # Display Processor Storage
iPad Wi-Fi A1219 9.7" LED Backlit Display @ 1024x768 px 1 GHz Apple A4 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPad Wi-Fi + 3G A1337 9.7" LED Backlit Display @ 1024x768 px 1 GHz Apple A4 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPad 2 Wi-Fi A1395 9.7" LED Backlit Display @ 1024x768 px 1 GHz Apple A5 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (AT&T) A1396 9.7" LED Backlit Display @ 1024x768 px 1 GHz Apple A5 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (Verizon) A1397 9.7" LED Backlit Display @ 1024x768 px 1 GHz Apple A5 16GB, 32GB, 64GB


Apple Mac user is getting excellent support at our jaipur store. Shivshakti computers a apple store jaipur have been a well-known supplier of all products parts and accessories in jaipur (Rajasthan) India. Customer’s always keep coming back to us, is because they always appreciate our Mac support and repairing services and always ready available apple MacBook accessories like keyboard, adapter, charger, battery, hinge and all laptop related parts. The MacBook Pro is considered to be the high end of the MacBook computer family, and is currently produced in three sizes: the apple macbook 13 inch model, the apple macbook air 15 inch model, and the apple imac 17 inch model. There were two designs for the MacBook Pro, both using aluminum. The first design was basically a carry-over from the PowerBook G4 computer which it has replaced, and opposed to the PowerBook, it used Intel's Core central processing units. The MacBook Pro computer line started with the apple macbook 15 inch model which was introduced in January 2006. A apple imac 17 inch model came out in April, same year. In time, these two MacBook models have received several updates and late 2006 found them upgraded to Intel's Core 2 Duo processing units.The second MacBook model is an unibody model, made from a single block of aluminum. This design was introduced in October 2008 with the 15 inch model, and the apple macbook 13 inch unibody . The apple macbook17 inch model did not get such a design until January 2009, when Apple also introduced the built-in battery. The built-in battery was implemented on the rest of the MacBoom Pro family from June 2009. From October, the built-in battery was introduced to the MacBook (not MacBook Pro) line as well. In April 2010.