In India, how much does it cost to replace a laptop screen?

What Does Laptop Screen Replacement Cost in India.

About a year ago, I sought out a laptop screen repair in India. What does it cost? From Rs. 2000 up. Why? For one thing, there are different kinds of screens with diverse cost factors. And there are issues with the screens that may not be the same as well. Although, if you’ve still got your laptop computer protected under the manufacturer’s warranty, it will probably be replaced for free or repaired.

Regarding my personal situation, what occurred was that my Dell laptop computer saw one or two lines on the screen. Initially, I attempted to dismiss them. Then, more and more lines showed up, and I started searching on the internet for the cost of repairing a laptop screen in India. As it turned out, I did not enter the entire query in the search box as it was completed by itself.

To that, Google receives questions, like “How much does a hp laptop screen replacement cost in India?”, “How much does laptop screen replacement cost?”, “What is the cost of laptop screen replacement?”, “how much has a laptop screen replacement cost?”, “how much does laptop screen replacement cost?”, “What is the cost of laptop screen replacement in India?”, “how much does a laptop screen replacement cost?”, “how much does a hp laptop screen replacement cost?”, “how much does it cost for laptop screen replacement?”, “how much does a hp laptop screen replacement cost?”, “how much does a hp laptop screen replacement cost in India?”, “how much does a Dell laptop screen replacement cost?”,”how much does a screen replacement cost for the laptop?

I had never taken part in any sort of laptop repair company, nor did I have any prior knowledge of laptop servicing. So I went to the online marketplace to look for testimonials, and the Dell support video caught my eye. I am humbled by their help and thankful for their aid, as I am able to afford their required repairs without additional expense.

Nonetheless, the damaged display on my outdated HP laptop computer was beyond simple repairs without a replacement screen. So, I was fascinated by laptop computer display problems, and even more broadly by HP laptop computer screen replacement costs in India. So I started to research more.

When I joined ShivShakti Laptop Service Center, they upgraded my screen at an affordable price. Besides, I have a deep comprehension of this material and cannot wait to share it.

If you are confused and trying to find answers to “Can I replace my laptop screen with any screen?”, “Can a laptop screen break on its own?”, “laptop screen replacement cost in India”, or possibly “Dell laptop screen replacement cost in India”, “HP laptop screen replacement price in India”, or “Asus laptop screen replacement cost in India”, then be patient and careful about reading “Can I replace my laptop screen with any screen?”, “Can a laptop screen break on its own?”, “laptop screen replacement cost in India”, or possibly “Dell laptop screen replacement cost in India”.

So, if you’re having the same issue I had in the past, let’s discuss a few tips before I answer your questions on the laptop screen repair cost, or laptop black screen repair cost to laptop screen replacement cost in India, or perhaps HP laptop screen replacement cost in India. Yes, I am aware of the concerns about the Hp laptop display price, or the Hp laptop screen replacement cost.

Yes, I recall the enormous volume of queries about HP notebook screen repair rate, or HP laptop screen replacement cost in India as well as in Dell laptop screen repair cost in India. You are so obsessed with your laptop displays that you’ve routinely searched for repairs cost, perhaps laptop screen replacement prices, or maybe desktop screen repair costs in India.

Have you ever wondered, just how much would it cost to fix a computer display in India? Well, here are a few examples so you can think about it before paying high premiums.

Once you have opened the screen cover, use regular but sharp tools to obtain a laptop computer. At the bottom of your laptop configuration, you will find a repair kit that includes a head screwdriver; it is the ideal tool for the job.

Those two kinds of insulation tape and/or double-sided foam tape may be useful to you depending on the problem you have with the display.

There you have it, all our inventory battle armor ready. Perhaps you can hear several choice replies that mention “zero” for a question concerning how much it will cost to repair the laptop screen if you respond to the “War” we win. That’s enough conversation. Let’s begin.

Before you call in the professionals about how much it will cost to fix a laptop screen in India, you may want to check out the reason your screen is broken and see if you can do so on your own. Then, you will not need to worry too much about the cost to fix a laptop screen in India.

How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen not getting power on

The issue with your notebook turning on and off may not be the case with the display. The Laptop Screen Replacement Cost will suggest all you need to know.

  1. The AC power adapter is nonfunctional or completely dead.
  2. The DC socket is broken.
  3. The hardware in the laptop motherboard or another part may have power problems.

Depending on your computer’s model and manufacturer, you may spend anywhere between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1200 to replace the dead power adapter. In addition, if the adapter jack that you’re attempting to rotate at an angle does not adapt, you may only see the system startup, but it won’t boot whatsoever. In that case, the jack must be replaced.

You can do so yourself to determine if it’s a display problem or not: and know about Laptop Screen Replacement Cost

You might find the Power Jack or AC adapter from outside the system. If these are not the elements causing the problem, the missing chips or corrupted files could be the source of the issue instead. To get back to the issue at hand, you can use your inquiry in view of the cost to fix a laptop screen or the cost of repairs for a laptop in India. In the support video I mentioned before, we can see where the Dell laptop backlight is defective. It is called the LCD BIST (Built-in Screen Test). If you have an HDMI or a VGA port to connect with an external monitor, then try to connect some other display with your PC. Even if you don’t have an extra computer monitor, a smart TV can do the same thing. If the defect does not approach this problem in the other, then we may assume that it is primarily associated with the hardware.

If the issue also remains and you want to know the Laptop Screen Replacement Cost after doing all you can on your own, call a help technician for guidance. It’s the last step you will take once you’re completely finished with the set of troubleshooting steps that are described here.

Sometimes, after turning on your computer, you may have heard audio that you did not notice coming before. The cause may have been a loose motherboard connection between the display cable and your laptop’s motherboard.

A board replacement can cost between Rs 2500 and Rs 6500, while a hard disk replacement will cost between Rs 500 and Rs 4500. If your computer’s motherboard or hard disk is broken, then repairing your system can cost you upwards of Rs 2000 to Rs 6500.

Having an SSD in your laptop’s computer might cause it to malfunction soon. Try removing the SSD and plugging it into another computer to check whether it is malfunctioning or working properly. If so, you may wish to make the change to the cost or service that is contingent on your laptop’s SSD. SSC Laptop Service Center can do whatever you need as we not only value laptop repair service but also how it functions.

If you don’t have any external monitor available, you can get in touch with the manufacturer’s customer support department as well.

Check to loose of RAM/Memory if Laptop Screen Black

It is better, to begin with, the very first test for display problems. If the problem with the other display is similar to the first one, check for RAM concerns by performing a RAM check.

  1. First, switch off the laptop.
  2. We need to disconnect every power connection now. Carefully remove the battery and the power cord.
  3. Look up the cover of your computer’s RAM on your computer’s back.
  4. Unscrew the cover of the notebook computer and carefully remove the memory stick.
  5. If you see that one or more of the chips are damaged, check carefully to see if they can be repaired. If so, you need a similar replacement for them.
  6. Gently scrub the gold contacts with a soft brush if their surfaces are not damaged.
  7. Put the RAM sticks back into their original sockets.
  8. Let’s Turn the laptop ON.

Does the problem require attention? If not, don’t worry!

  1. If you have placed more than one RAM in a Ram slot. You just remove all and place only one RAM in the slot.
  2. Use only one RAM to check the display. If the display is not Turn ON then replace it with another RAM.
  3. If all of that it does not operate, try a number of different slots for each RAM and turn on your system.

How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen when the laptop screen is not displayed while the laptop is powered ON?

I have actually seen an occasion. When my friend’s laptop computer was turned on, the power button lit up, and we could hear the fan running and the hard disk drive beginning, although the screen remained dark. If this is happening and you think of the moment like a display mistake, do not forget that you’re wrong. Seventy percent of the time, this is brought about not by a screen failure.

It may be the motherboard of the system’s RAM or a broken or sticky memory module. You may experience the machine miraculously resetting from time to time if these parts aren’t working properly. If the reason for the issue of the screen remaining black when turned on is a dirty memory module or a broken one, you can do that repair yourself. An awareness emerges that how much it cost to repair a laptop screen in India depends entirely on one’s search.

How much does it cost to fix a laptop computer screen if the laptop screen is flickering or turning on and off?

Hey, are you still asking the same question “How much is it costing to repair a laptop screen?” once again? What’s causing you pain now? Is the laptop screen turning on and off, or is it flickering? Let’s see if we can solve this now.

Evaluate the cooling system test.

Could you check the back of the laptop, please? Are you currently seated close to your computer? Is it hot? Are you sitting on the sofa or bed, or perhaps the computer is on your lap? Good, don’t act at all surprised. Probably nothing’s wrong with the screen either. Right now, the heat coming from the laptop itself is most likely to blame. Yes, it needs to cool down.

  1. Clean the dust in the fan blades.
  2. The laptop must be placed on a flat and hard surface.
  3. If the issue has not yet been solved, have a look at the laptop fan.
  4. Reconnect the battery and then the fan.

Frequently Asked Questions


It is estimated that the average HP laptop screen replacement cost in India is rupees 3000 – 5000. If we broaden the range for all HP laptops, including the low-cost machines to the top-of-the-range series, the estimated average HP laptop screen replacement cost in India falls between rupees 2000 – 8000, and the labor costs are included in that amount.

Check ShivShakti in India for the cost of the screen repair or replacement of your laptop computer.

If you are searching for authorized HP service centers near you, we can provide the details on that. We’ve listed down nearby city information, including HP authorized service center in Jaipur, an authorized HP service center near me in Ajmer, an authorized HP laptop service center in Tonk, and HP official service center in Delhi.

If your personal computer is out of warranty, you might think of another alternative like the most dependable product in your own home without needing extra charges. That is the TRP that our clients have earned because of their HP laptop reparation in our HP laptop repair center in Jaipur, The HP repair center near me in Gurugram, and all other locations.

What is the average price for laptop screen repair in India?

The cost for standard laptop screens, along with the highest and cheapest price ranges, in India’s laptop screen repair pricing is around Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000. Now, include standard laptops and high-end units, at which point the price for laptop screen repairs in India will increase to Rs. 2000 to Rs. 8000. Check out the How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen in India page for more information. Here, we’re going to just cover laptop computer touch sensor repair costs, but you can check out our laptop touchscreen repair cost page for some further study.

For people interested in authorized offerings, go to our business pages like the authorized Asus service center near me in Navi Mumbai, Acer authorized service center in Navi Mumbai, authorized Lenovo service center in Thane, Dell authorized service center in Delhi, and similar pages to get details.

If you want expert assistance with your laptop, it’s a great idea to choose a service based on customer satisfaction reviews. Check out the tech support center pages on our site, and see what our consumers are saying about the Dell laptop service centers in Thane, HP service centers in Thane, Samsung service centers in Jaipur., and all other branches.


The Dell laptop screen replacement cost in India falls approximately between Rs. 3000 – 5000, or, you could say Rs. 2000 – 8000 to include any series of laptops. Our SSC laptop service center in what it cost to fix a laptop screen in India reveals it in detail. For example, touch screens have more complex frameworks than others.

Now, when you use the search field for the Dell service center near me in the search engine bar, our city-data pages help provide the address of the premises and other information. Our pages provide access to Dell’s authorized service center in Navi Mumbai, the authorized Dell service center near me in Thane, the authorized Dell laptop service center in Mumbai, and Dell’s official service center in Delhi.

If you are out of warranty for your laptop, our SSC laptop service center branches also offer a large number of services with no extra fees at all. Our high-quality laptop repair is fast and effective, and we operate all over the country in the Dell laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai, the Dell repair center near me in Mumbai, Gurugram, and many other cities.


It’s similar to the price of other significant brands in India with regards to the Asus laptop screen replacement cost. It’s approximately Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000, so you can plan for roughly Rs. 2,100 to Rs. 4,950 including the price of the labor involved. Does our SSC laptop service center have comprehensive information concerning this complex topic under What does a repair cost for a laptop computer in India? Here, we have explained the dimensions, methods, and costs of various kinds of laptop LCD replacement costs.

If you would like information regarding authorized HP service centers in your town, we will be glad to advise on that. We have mentioned listings of nearby HP service centers in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, and a number of other similar towns in Pune, Nashik, and Raigad.

When your laptop is out-of-warranty, you might believe in upgrading your business specialist at home, without an extra service fee. That’s the center point of our service center’s HP laptop repair branch in Thane, the HP repair center nearby in Gurugram, and all the rest.

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